I Like You, Maybe, Problaby

“Is it okay if I say what I’m feeling right now? 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but right now what I’m feeling is 100% not a lie.

For me, as long as it’s you saying it,it doesn’t matter how slow you say it, I’ll still listen. If you cant talk over the phone, then I’ll go to you just like this. I’m not a dolphin. You, you also not a dolphin. If you want to walk, no matter how slow it’ll be, I’ll walk with you.

Right now, I may not be that reliable. But one day, maybe I’ll be able to help. Things can’t be the same as they were before, but there’s this kind of feeling that linking us together. I don’t think that we’re living in different worlds.

I… With regards to you, I like you.


I like you, maybe…


Haruto Asou – 1 Litre of Tears


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