Thank You

Thank you for your patronage but I want my life back.
Return it to me, if you please and I'll be on my way.
As disappointments ebb away, so must expectations wane.
Perhaps, only then, will the hauntings recede.

I can do the giving- unconditionally
But I don't need your 'kindness'.
All I ask for is a little bit of mercy.
Spare me, spare me, spare me...

I can't see through incessant tears,
Don't want to hide in the darkness and
Upon enlightenment, have what's left of my heart
Grated and pulverised by your heel.

I want to see colours without associations.
I want to paint over your gift of blue.
I want some salvation; stop the self-loathing
But most of all, I wanted to love you.

by   ckyh

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