The Golden Snail

The Golden Snail

In the kingdom of Daha, lived two very beautiful princess. The beautiful princess named Candra Kirana and Dewi Galuh. life the both of princess, was very happy life and self-sufficiency.
Until one day, there came a very handsome prince of the kingdom Kahuripan to the kingdom of Daha. The prince, Raden Inu Kertapati. Purpose of his arrival to the kingdom of Daha is to apply for Candra Kirana. Raden Inu Kertapati arrival is welcomed by King Kertamarta, and finally engaged to Candra Kirana.
The engagement was make Dewi Galuh to feel jealous. Because she thought that Raden Inu Kertapati more suitable for her. Therefore Dewi Galuh went to house of witch. Her requested that the witch’s to curse Candra Kirana into something disgusting and kept away from Raden Inu. The witch approved the request of Dewi Galuh, and Candra Kirana cursed into a Golden Snail, then throw it into the river.
One day a grandmother is looking for fish with nets, and golden snails hook onto her nets. Golden snails were then brought home and placed in jars. The next day the grandmother was looking for another fish in the river, but could not get a fish. She then decided to go home, when he got home he was very shocked, because the table is available cuisine is delicious. The old woman wondered to himself, who sent this dish.
Similarly the next day, the old woman have a similar incident, the next morning the grandmother wanted to peek at what happens when he goes fishing. The old woman then pretended to go to the river to catch fish as usual, then went back home to spied. After a while, the grandmother was very surprised. Due to the existing gold snail ditempayan transformed into a beautiful girl. So the girl to cook and prepare the food on the table. Feeling curious, then grandmother ventured to admonish it’s pretty daughter. “Who are you beautiful princess, and where you come from?”, Asked the grandmother. “I am the princess of Daha who cursed become golden snail by the witch as requested of my sister, because she felt jealous of me”, said the golden snail. After answering questions from the grandmother, Candra Kirana turned again to the Golden Snail, and grandmother very surprised.
While, prince Inu Kertapati would not stay calm when knew Candra Kirana disappeared. He began to look for a way disguised as ordinary people. The witch found out and turn his self into a raven to harm Raden Inu Kertapati. Raden Inu Kertapati Shocked to see a raven that can speak and identify its purpose. He considered it magic raven, and obeyed even when given a wrong direction. In the Journey, Raden Inu met a grandfather who was starving, he gave him a food. Apparently that grandfather was a good witch, he helped Raden Inu from the raven.
The Grandfather was hit that raven with his stick, and the bird become smoke. Raden Inu finally told where Candra Kirana is located, he ordered Raden Inu to go to Dadapan village. After walking for days, finally he came to Dadapan village. he approached a hut to ask for a sip of water because his supply was exhausted. In the hut he was very surprised, because he saw through the window, Candra Kirana was cooking. Finally, the curse of the witch is gone because of that encounter. After that, Raden Inu bring his fiancee and the kind grandmother to the palace, and Candra Kirana told to the king Kertamarta of acts Dewi Galuh.
The king apologize to Candra Kirana and vice versa. Then Dewi Galuh get a punishment. Because the Dewi Galuh feel scared, so she fled to the forest. Finally, marriage Candra Kirana and Inu Kertapati Raden was held, and the party very festive. Finally, they lived happily ever after.


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