In general, emotions is a feeling. Human is a class of life objects that have a high feeling and most refined. Feelings or emotions have three components:
1. Feeling a certain depth – This is subjectively experienced and feeling, such as fear, love, sorrow, anger and hate.
2. Physiological arousal pattern – This includes all changes in the physiology of the applicable agency in each situation to feel emotions, such as heart palpitations when in a state of fear and stomach feel not good when anxious.
3. Protrusion pattern feelings openly (overt) – This component of motion include Affairs and changes form of face when feeling the onset of various depths of feel. Someone will move slowly and bowed his head when in a state of sadness or the brow looked furrowed when in a state of fear.

Emotional manifestation in various forms and strengths, and may be grouped as follows:
1. Positive or negative emotions – Positive emotions are like, love, joy, and so on, when negative emotions are the emotions of fear, anger and grief.
2. Primary or mixed emotions – emotions are the primary feelings of joy, hate, ugly, surprise, sadness, anger, fear and shame that only applies to bersendirian. Similarly mixed emotions is a complex situation like the feel disappointed. It is the combined feelings of sadness and surprise or jealousy which is a mixture of affection and anger.


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