Wolves and Small Goat

One time, there is little goat horns begin to grow and make him think that he was an adult and can fend for herself. One afternoon when hordes of goats began to return to the farm and his mother had called him back, the kids will not call attention to and care for her mother. He still lives on grass and munching grass surrounding smooth. A few moments later when he lifted his head, he saw hordes of goats, including his mother is not there anymore.

Now she lives alone. The sun had set. Long shadows began to cover the ground. A cold wind began to come blowing and making a scary sound. The kid began to tremble for fear he would meet with the wolves. Then he began to run at full speed through the grass to return to the ranch, while his mother’s bleat-bleat call. But in the middle of the road, near the clump of trees, feared what really happened, a wolf was standing there looking at her with hungry faces.

The little goat out little hope that she can get away from the wolf attack.

“Please, Mr. Wolf,” he said with a shudder, “I know you’re going to eat me. But first, I sing you a song with the flute, because I want to dance and have fun as long as I can.”

The wolf is like the idea of the little goat, playing music before a meal, so the wolf issue and flute began to play the little goats happy and jumping up and dancing fun.

While hordes of goats before moving back to the ranch, in the stillness of the evening that started growing dark, the sound of flutes from the faint sounds wolves. Shepherd dogs guard the sheep gang immediate sharp ears and recognize songs played by wolves, and quickly shepherd dogs are running in the direction of the wolves and save the little goats dancing.

Wolves are about to eat the little goat was eventually chased away by a shepherd dog, and think how stupid he is, playing the flute for the song with the little goats when he should have been pounced immediately.

moral message: Do not let anything make you turn around forget your main objective


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