Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro, which in Japanese means “son of the island,” was her only child and is a favorite of an old fisherman and his wife.

He was very good, young and strong, he could sail a boat far more clever than the people who live on the beach house. He often sailed far out to sea, where neighbors often warn parents that maybe one day he would go too far out to sea and never come back again.

His parents knew this, however well they understand that their children are very good at sailing, and they are never too mengkuatirkannya. Even if Urashima returned more slowly than expected, they are always waiting for him without any anxiety. Urashima more than they love their own life, and proud that she was very brave and stronger than its neighbor boy.

TerjaringSuatu turtle morning, Urashima Taro went to take a catch in his net, as ditebarkannya last night. In one of the nets, among the fish caught, he found a small turtle that come entangled. The turtle is on the take it and placed it in his own boat, kept in a safe place, until he can bring it home. But with awe, listening turtle Urashima pleaded a very low voice. “What would I be with you?” asked the turtle. “I’m too small to eat, and too young to take a long time until I make it big. Have pity on me and return me to the sea, because I do not want to die.” Urashima Taro is good-hearted compassion paa small turtle who begged that he let go of the little turtles back into the sea.

Several years after these events, when Urashima Taro sailed too far away to sea, a bad storm hit the boat came and broke the boat to pieces. Urashima is a very good swimmer, and he kept trying to get to the beach to swim, but the distance between him and the beach is too far away and the sea was very fierce, his strength waned, and he has begun to sink slowly. When he gave up and thought that she would never see her father again, he heard his name called and saw a large turtle swimming toward him.

Take kepunggungku, “cried the turtle,” and I’ll take you to the land. “When Urashima Taro was safe and sitting in the back of the turtle, the turtle then went on to say:” I am a turtle that you loose when I was a kid and did not helpless in your net, and I am very pleased to be able to repay you. “

Before they arrived at the beach, turtle Urashima Taro was asked that if he wanted to see the beautiful life that is hidden beneath the sea. The young fisherman replied that it was an experience that would be very nice. In an instant, they both dived into the water green. Urashima clutching turtles are brought back to unimaginable depths. After three nights, they reach the bottom of the sea, and arrived at a very beautiful place, filled with gold and crystal. Coral and pearls and various precious stones into her eyes sparkled and was amazed, and what is in the palace was more amazed him again, illuminated with fish scales that shine beautifully.

“This,” said the turtle was, “This is the palace of the sea goddess. I am the daughter of one of the maids of the sea goddess.”

The Princess and UrashimaPenyu were then delivered the arrival of Urashima Taro to the Princess, and shortly thereafter he returned, bringing Urashima before the Princess. Daughter of the sea goddess was so beautiful that when the Princess asked that Urashima want to stay in place, direct Urashima happily agreed.

“Do not leave me, and you will always look young as it is now, old age you will never experience,” said the Princess.

That’s how Urashima Taro lived in the palace under the sea with the daughter of the goddess of the sea. He was so excited to not feel that the time went by unnoticed. How long is he there was never realized. But one day, he remembered his parents; he remembers that his parents might feel lost in his absence. Increasingly, the desire to keep coming back and getting stronger. In the end, Urashima expressed intention to the princess that she must go to visit her parents. The Princess wept bitterly and begged not to go Urashima.

“If you go, I probably will not see you again,” cried the Princess.

But Urashima very strong desire and can not be persuaded again. Urashima was eager to see his parents again and promised to come back to the palace and lived with her daughter forever. The Princess was finally agreed and gave him a gold box and gave the message that the box was never opened.

“If you heed my words,” he said again, “you may still be able to come back to me. When you are ready, penyuku will be there to take you, but if you forget what I say unto you, I’ll never be able to see you again. “

Urashima Taro eagerly assured him that no one on earth can separate them, and say goodbye. By riding the turtle’s back, he quickly leaves the palace far behind. For three days and three nights they swim, and finally arrived turtles on the beach near his old home.

He excitedly ran to the village and find all his old friends. All the faces look familiar to him, even his house even looked different. Children who play in the street where he had lived, never seen before. He stopped in front of his house, with a pounding heart, he knocked on the door. Sound of music from an upper window and a strange woman who answered the door. She was not able to explain about his parents and never even heard the names of both parents. Urashima went out of the house and asking everyone she met. But all that is asked just looked at him suspiciously. Finally he went to the graveyard outside the village. Searched among the graves there, and he quickly found himself standing at the names that had been looking for. Date on the tombstone it showed that the father and mother died not long after he departed, and he found that he had gone from the house for three hundred years. In sorrow he stooped to honor his parents one last time and headed back to his village. At every step he hopes that he will wake from his dream, but the people who met and the road is real.

Then he thought of the Princess and the gold box given to him. He thought that the Princess might have bewitched him, and this box has charms to break the magic. Impatiently, he opened the box, and a beam of purple smoke out leaving a blank box. Startled, he realized that his direct look into the old and trembling. he became aware that the box contains a talisman that holds itself from the process of aging for three hundred years, and has lost his magic box. Frightened, she ran to the edge of the stream of water flowing from the mountain, and saw herself reflected in the water that is the image of someone who is very old.

Urashima Taro meninggalDia back to the village with fear, and no single person who recognized him as a strong young man a few hours ago. Exhausted, he finally reached the beach, where he sat on a rock and sea turtles that call took him to the palace of the sea. But his calling in vain, turtles never came, and finally swallowed his voice was lost in death.

Before his death, people gathered in a nearby village and listen to the story is very strange. Shortly after the incident, the villagers told his children about a man who loved his parents, left the palace under the sea and a very beautiful princess, and the man named Urashima Taro.


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