the Miser

A very stingy gold buried secretly in a place kept secret in the garden. Every day he went to the place where he buried his gold, dug it up and count them back one by one to ensure that no gold is lost. He very often did that so that a thief is watching him, can guess what is hidden by the Miser, and one night, a thief secretly dig up the treasure and took him away.

When the Miser realize the loss of his property, he became very sad and desperate. He was moaning, pulling at her hair.

A nomadic people passing by in the place heard her crying and asked what had happened.

“My gold! Oh .. my gold!” Miser said, “someone has robbed me!”

“Your gold! In the hole? Why do you put it there? Why do not you keep the gold in the house where you can easily retrieve it when you want to buy something?”

“Buying something?” Miser shouted angrily. “I will not buy anything with gold. I never even think to buy something with gold.” he shouted again angrily.

Nomad then took a large stone and threw it into the hole that has been empty treasure it.

“Then,” he said again, “cap and bury the stone, it is equal to the lost treasure!”

Treasure we have is worth a utility asset.


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