The Lion and the Mouse

A lion was sleeping soundly in the woods, with a big head leaning on her feet. A little mouse accidentally running nearby, and after the rat was conscious that he was walking in front of the sleeping lion, the rats became frightened and ran fast, but because of fear, even the rats ran on the nose of a sleeping lion . The Lion became very angry and wake capture the little creature with huge claws.

“Forgive me!” said the Rat. “Please release me and one day I will repay you.”

Lion a funny laugh and feel at the thought that a little mouse will be able to help. But with a good heart, the lion eventually let go of the little mouse.

One day, when the lion stalking its prey in the jungle, the Lion was caught by the nets are spread by hunters. Because they can not free himself, the lion roars angrily to the entire forest. At that time the rats who had listened to the roar of it’s release and quickly headed toward where the lion entangled in nets. The rats then found the Lion struggling trying to break free from the snare nets. The rats then ran to the ropes that held the nets, he then bit off a rope until finally the lion could be released.

“You laugh when I say your good deeds will retaliate,” said the Rat. “Now you see that, although small, a mouse can also help a lion.”

Kindness always gets a good response.


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