Princess Jasmine Fragrant

In a government, have a daughter named Jasmine Fragrant. It was a princess
beautiful and clever. At home it was always singing. But unfortunately it is a
arrogant and like to treat others low. At home it never would if
swept by her mother asked. In addition, it also would not give if asked to learn to cook.
“No, I do not want to rub and cook later and I was so rough hands dirty”,
said Princess Jasmine Fragrant each time asked to sweep and learn to cook.
Princess Jasmine Fragrant small since been joined together by a prince named
Deer Horn prince. Deer Horn prince is a prince of a handsome and
strong. It always hunt deer and other animals in the forest each month. Therefore, it
called hartshorn.
One day, Princess Jasmine Fragrant walk in the park. It
saw a beautiful butterfly one color. It
want to catch a butterfly, but butterflies were soon
fly. Princess Jasmine Fragrant continues to catch up to it
unconsciously gone into the forest. Arriving in the forest,
Fragrant jasmine lost. It does not know the way home and
haripun had turned dark.
Finally, after continued walking, he found a hut that is often used by
hunters to rest. Finally, the digubuk live Wangi Melati. Because
no Princess Jasmine Fragrant food to eat fruits that are in the forest
it. Good on his back, is now torn rags and tatters as a result
hooked thorns and tree branches. The first skin has become white and smooth black
and graze, scratch because exposure to sunlight and thorns.
After a month in the jungle, they saw Deer Horn Prince came up and
shoulder a deer prey. “Deer Horn Hi, I am Jasmine Fragrant, please send
I came back, “said Jasmine Fragrant.” Who? Fragrant jasmine? A daughter of fragrant jasmine
beautiful and clean, are you like a beggar, “said Prince Deer Horn. It
Fragrant Jasmine does not know yet. Because Jasmine Fragrant continues to apply, eventually
Deer Horn prince said, “Okay, I’ll take you to my Government.”
Once on the Government of Prince Deer Horn. Fragrant jasmine is told washing,
sweeping and cooking. It was also given a small room and quite dark. “Why
my fate to be like this? “, sighed Wangi Melati. After one year ago, Princess Jasmine
Fragrant determined to return home. He felt that it collects savings from revenue
her work was inadequate. Arriving at his house, Princess Jasmine Fragrant welcomed
excited by the family of Princess Jasmine Fragrant count had died.
Since then Princess Jasmine Fragrant become a princess who work hard.
It felt for a very valuable lesson for
in the forest and the Government of Prince Deer Horn.
Finally a year later married Princess Jasmine Fragrant
the Prince of Deer Horn. Once married, Princess Jasmine
Fragrant and Deer Horn Prince happy life until the day
her parents.


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