A King and Fishermen (James Hartwell)

Kingdom drained by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers had in order by a king who was very fond of and love the fish.

One day he sat with Sherem, the Queen, in the palace garden directly opposite the river Tigris, which at that time spanned the ranks of the beautiful boat, and with a full view of the boats inquired on the slide, where a boat sitting on a fishermen who have caught a big fish.

Recognizing that the King looked, and knew that the King was very fond of a particular fish, the fisherman saluted the King and brought the boat skillfully ketepian, came and knelt at the King and begged the King to accept the fish as a gift. The King is very pleased with this, and ordered a large amount of money given to the fishermen.

But before the fisherman left the palace garden, the Queen turned to the King and said: “You’ve done something stupid.” The King was surprised to hear the Queen say so and ask how. The Queen replied:

“The news that a large number of gifts you give to such a small gift would quickly spread throughout the kingdom and will be known as the gift of fishermen. All fishermen who might catch a big fish that will take him to court, and if they are not paid for the first fisherman, they will leave with a sense of dissatisfaction, and quietly going to talk bad about you among his friends. “

“You say true, and it opened my eyes,” said the King, “but do not you see what it means to be king, if for that reason he pulled back a gift that was given?” Then after feeling that the Queen was ready to argue with that, he turned angrily and said “This has been done and do not talk anymore.”

However, the next day, when the mind of the king was pleased, the Queen walked over and said that if the reason that the King can not take back a gift that was given, he himself will arrange it. “You should call the fishermen’s return,” he said, “and then ask, ‘Is this fish male or female?’ If he said a male, then you katankan that you want is a female fish, but when the fishermen are saying that the fish are female, you will respond by saying that you want a male fish. In this way we can adjust it properly. “

Raja believes that this is the best way to get out of trouble, and ordered the fisherman had brought to him. When the fisherman, who was a very clever man, kneeling before the king, the king said to him: “O fisherman, tell me, the fish did you bring today is male or female?”

The fisherman replied, “Fish are not male and not female.” At that time the King smiled at the answer to a very clever, and to add to the aggravation of Rau, the court ordered the treasurer to give some more money to the fishermen.

Then the fishermen keep the money in the pockets of his skin, thanks to the King, and carrying a bag over his shoulder, hurried away, but soon he realized that he had dropped a small coin. By putting the bag back to the ground, he bent down and picked up the coin and returned to continue his journey, followed by the King and Queen of the eyes that watched all his actions.

“Look how pelitnya him!” Sherem said the Queen, with pride in his victory. “He really lowers his pocket just to pick up the pieces of small coins as possible will greatly miss him just to think that the coin will be taken by one of the servants of King, or someone who is more poor, who need to buy a bread and a request that the king granted a long life. “

“Once again you speak the truth,” replied the King, the Queen felt the truth of the comment; and once again facing the fishermen were brought to the palace. “Whether you are a human or beast?” The king asked him. “Although you may already be rich without working harder, but the nature you are not stingy in allowing you to leave a small coin to someone else.” Then the king ordered the fishermen to go and not show his face again in the city of his kingdom.

When the fishermen are kneeling at his feet and cried: “Hear I am, Oh King, protector of the poor! May God bless the lord with longevity. Not the value of the coin is that servant shall adopt, but because on one side of the coin is a compliment lettering the name of God, and the other side of the face depicted the King. Servant of fear that someone, probably by mistake for not seeing the coin, will step on it. Let the King that determines whether I do this or do not deserve to be censured. “

That answer made the King very happy not infinite, and provide more fishing terseut large amounts of money. And the Queen’s anger was also quite neutral, and he became aware of and look kindly on those who go fishing with a bag loaded with money.


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